An easy way to remember the difference between softscape and hardscape is that softscape is composed of living, growing things. These include trees, shrubs, flowering plants, ground cover, grass, and similar greenery.

Softscapes are desirable in your outdoor space because they provide natural beauty that comes with all living things. In addition, the presence of plants cools the yard because plants absorb and use the sun’s energy. In contrast, hardscapes absorb and retain heat.

  • Trees provide shade and fruit.
  • Shrubs act as borders or hedges.
  • Flowers provide color and fragrance.
  • Ground cover provides a soft ground to walk on.


Because softscapes are living things, you will need to invest some resources to establish, maintain, and nurture them.

  • Mow the lawn.
  • Trim and cut trees/shrubs as necessary.
  • Water plants and repair irrigation system.
  • Collect and remove fallen leaves.
  • Fertilizing plants and eradicate garden pests.


In Southern California, water is a valuable resource. To minimize the impact on the environment, many people choose to use drought-tolerant plants. Examples of drought-tolerant plants include palm trees, desert shrubs, cacti, succulent, and native grasses.

Benefits of drought-tolerant plants include:

  • tolerate full sun,
  • come in a variety of shapes and colors,
  • require little water,
  • easy to maintain,
  • arranged into stunning desertscapes


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